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More Than Just Board Games, Expanded Universes Coming

From the moment that we started the company waaaaayyyy back on February 29, 2020 on my (Nate's) couch, we knew that board games were where we wanted to begin. But it would be just that, a beginning. We knew that we wanted to do much more than just games. We wanted to create characters, machines, cultures, worlds and beyond! We wanted to create whole universes, just like those that we had grown-up loving and still love to this day.

We wanted to create for others, realities like Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Dune and more had done for us. A new place to explore not only amazing sci-fi technologies or unreal mystical weapons, but stunning characters that we could root for, or not (talking to you Darth Vader, except when you booted Palpatine). woot!

So we began, but our first tabletop game, Wild Realms, (which is pretty awesome <-- shameless self promotion) didn't lend itself to this idea. Still, we persisted and what will be our second game (The Grid) leaves much room for this concept. So we are happy to say, The Grid will be our first board game that will have an Expanded Universe (yes, we know we ripped this term off from Star Wars). Still, what does this term mean to us here at Daywalker Syndicate? How does it impact an amazing gamer like yourself?

We mean to not only make board games, but also create apps, augmented realities, graphic novels, books, short films, anthologies, collectible figures and more of our games that make sense for such things. This is what we mean when we say this is an Expanded Universe game.

Will every Daywalker Syndicate game have an Expanded Universe going forward? No, they will not. Will most? We will wait and see. All we know for sure is that many will and the first will be The Grid (February 2022). But what will the first project that 'expands' The Grid be? It will be a graphic novel. Yep, a graphic novel that is a prelude story to the game! So get ready to have a ton of fun in and outside our games. We'll talk again soon. Vorp!

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